Author Topic: Eugene's answer to Whether I will Get Reach Soon questions  (Read 3407 times)


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Eugene's answer to Whether I will Get Reach Soon questions
« on: July 07, 2010, 09:50:28 AM »
For those of you who did not take part in our previous forum Eugene is the head of Brownie Freelance ltd. - the head company UVOcorp and Academicexperts belong to.
This topic has been moved here due to it's importance. Many used to ask themselves what this business is and what potential  does it hold for youraself. I am sure this info will be useful as a succinct reply to your question.
You may find original thread here:

My opinion is that UVOcorp and online writing is already a great money-maker (for the writers residing in the developing economies). But there is no real potential of a breakthrough in terms of generated income for writers - the business is built so that the growth of the amount of sales will naturally get outbalanced by the competition among the writers. So your income is first of all effort and skill driven.

Your earning potential, on the other hand, is a curve which you don't control, and which will always shift unexpectedly due to a few factors like:

    * seasonal slowdowns and peaks
    * changes in writer's staff
    * promotion efforts of our web-promotion team compared to competition
    * google policies
    * average income of our customers (US students) in a particular state of US economy
    * stability of our technical part - domains, hosting, back-end
    * performance of our support department
    * changes in the usability of our web-sites
    * strategic line of the company management

Taking that amount of factors in mind - your earnings can not be predicted, you can only see your own past experience.
The good thing - is that your turnover is very fast - you don't invest anything long-term, you instantly get the reward for what you've done. And with a job like this you have a freedom to switch to another writing company at any moment, even if something will happen with us. Yeah losing advanced status and having to earn it again will be a pain (for those advanced of you) but it's only a question of time, if you're good enough.

It is sad that, while growing, the business has almost lost it's "personal" touch (the old times when the whole team consisted of 3 people staff, 20 clients and 6 writers) and has become a marketplace, or even a cash-racing, but so is the reality of business growth and today's economy.
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