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Avoiding disputes 2
« on: February 07, 2014, 03:46:08 PM »
The following short manual will guide you through a series of tips necessary to minimize the probability of cancellation of your essays. Having analyzed the statistics of disputes we would like to cover the key reasons that lead to customer dissatisfaction with a paper and give necessary suggestions concerning minimizing the amount of disputes due to definite reasons.

Tip 1: Missed files or instructions. Often, having faced a number of instructions a writer misses a part of a task or one of the files uploaded by the customer. Therefore, please be especially attentive when working on papers with complicated, extensive instructions. Try not to miss files or parts of a task.

Tip 2: Proportionate your writings according to your tasks. Quite often when you need to answer several questions or cover a couple of points you might spend the bulk of an essay on answering one question and squeeze the rest of your questions into the remaining 1-2 pages. Please refrain from that and try to allocate equal space for each question you have to cover.

Tip 3: If you see that your paper takes more space than requested, you must: a) ask the customer whether more pages can be added (conciseness is a valuable aspect of essay writing and majority of tasks require the students not to exceed the required volumes), b) focus on valuable information and remove what can be removed so that the essay fits the required amount of pages without losing its value.

Tip 4: Always perform a spell check. To minimize the probability of revisions you must always perform a spell check. Spell check tool underlines grammar mistakes. This function should be properly tuned in your MS Word and alike systems.

Tip 5: Always provide real references. Majority of your references are later verified up to the page number. Incorrect sources will mark the paper as plagiarized.


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Re: Avoiding disputes 2
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2014, 04:08:08 PM »
Tip 3 is really valuable. I learned this the hard way. Often times, the customer wants to get "an analysis on the political issues in sub-Saharan Africa" with 275 words. I try to make this a reality with my writer's magic only to find the order is in dispute for "being too general." I should have asked for additional pages in the beginning.