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Avoiding disputes
« on: January 31, 2014, 10:12:55 AM »
The following short manual will guide you through a series of tips necessary to minimize the probability of cancellation of your essays. Having analyzed the statistics of disputes we would like to cover the key reasons that lead to customer dissatisfaction with a paper and give necessary suggestions concerning minimizing the amount of disputes due to definite reasons.

Failure to follow instructions is the cause of 90% of disputes. This factor in essay writing is hardest to control mostly due to complexity of some assignments. Still, definite tips will be useful in minimizing the chance for having your order on revision or dispute due to failure to follow instructions:

- First and foremost, it is important to adequately assess your skills and scope of understanding. Carefully evaluate the instructions and check whether you understand the topic. While some orders may be quite seducing in terms of financial reward you should be careful as such assignments may come at a price. Therefore, temper your greed:); it is better to write two ‘cheaper’ papers than one that you know you won’t complete as requested.

- Carefully read and understand the instructions. Instructions are the bone of your essay. They define what the essay will be about and narrow the topic of your research.

- If you have problems sticking to the topic, prepare an outline: a) write down the key points that need to be covered on a separate sheet, b) enumerate them from most to least important, c) shortly outline the answers and references, d) write down questions that you might come across, e) place this sheet of paper in front of you and every now and then check whether you are still following your outline. This tip is especially useful for short essays. On one hand, such outline keeps you stuck to the original instructions; on the other, it delimits the scope of your study and reminds you of the points you haven’t yet covered.

- Do not be afraid to ask questions. Often, one or two questions timely posed before the customer may solve your riddles.

- Go through your instructions in time. It is a case with non-urgent orders that the writers fail to timely read through the guidelines and as a result fail to follow them accordingly. Actually, it is much better for you to make an outline beforehand. For example, you have been assigned a paper which is due in 10 days. Spend half an hour now, read the instructions, prepare an outline right away. Then feel free to put it aside for a while i you have other urgent things to do. At least, you will be sure that you understand the topic and do not need more clarifications from the customer.


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Re: Avoiding disputes
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2015, 08:45:36 AM »
Thank you! This is very helpful; disputes have been my major concern recently :-\