Author Topic: Account Suspension, Force-Assigned Orders: A Humanistic Approach  (Read 4089 times)


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Account Suspension, Force-Assigned Orders: A Humanistic Approach
« on: December 09, 2013, 06:06:30 PM »
Over the past one week has been a nightmare. Force-assigned orders trickling on my profile like rainwater.  Definitely, the orders are simple orders and my instinct tells me I can work on them. But not until my modem stops working after a security update at that crucial moment. It's night time so I have to use my IT skills to fix it or wait till morning. Morning it is. Any contingency plans? You may ask. Yes. I have 3 computers and a backup internet line. But still none understands my urgency and need for reliable systems.

That's where my troubles begun. And what happened next is what I call misfortunes of the year. I'll not go into details for some good reasons. And I am not seeking any sympathy. Sometimes one has to learn the hard way; I am not even sure about that. Lets just say all that is not important at the moment, and talk about account suspension and maybe situation analysis.

Maybe I am ranting here because my account was suspended; I partly blame the automatic-order assignment program. For the period I have worked with Uvocorp, I have never been suspended. But now I am. Could it be the automatic-order assignment? Probably. But even if not, I feel suspending an account without even checking the writer's situation is not human. Besides the psychological effects to the writer, I believe the suspension also affects the company negatively. It is not a waste that some companies counsel their employees adequately before they fire them.

I am not saying I was fired, but I am requesting Uvocorp to adopt a different approach when suspending accounts.  What's the actual effect of account suspension?. 
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Re: Account Suspension, Force-Assigned Orders: A Humanistic Approach
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2013, 06:13:34 PM »
Suspension is a disciplinary measure which can be taken when a writer has too many lateness occurrences and/or disputes. A writer also can be suspended from work if their papers contain plagiarism or their behaviour is unprofessional (quarrelling with support team members, uploading wrong files, ignoring phone calls etc.) In general, this disciplinary measure works as a kind of warning and makes writers avoid all the issues mentioned above which influence successful cooperation.