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Readability is the ease with which the reader perceives your text. Proper readability is a significant factor that contributes to the overall perception and acceptance of your thoughts and arguments. Please, remember these golden rules of readability that apply irrespective of the type of your paper:

- Use simple, familiar terms,

- Avoid jargon,

- Use culture-and-gender-neutral language,

- Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling,

- Use simple sentences, active voice, and present tense,

- Begin instructions in the imperative mode by starting sentences with

  an action verb,

- Use simple graphic elements such as bulleted lists and numbered

  steps to make information visually accessible.

- Carefully and properly proofread your completed writing before uploading (we recommend proofreading your paper 30 minutes after having finished it),

- Do not make the paper too complicated and hard to read. Please read twice what you wrote and make sure it flows smoothly,

- Avoid wordiness.
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