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Author Topic: Plagiarism, Poor quality, Rules, Accounts  (Read 5313 times)


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Plagiarism, Poor quality, Rules, Accounts
« on: December 09, 2012, 04:04:09 PM »
Dear individual writers and owners of group accounts,
Lately we have seen an increase in the amount of poorly written and plagiarized papers. For the last 30 days we had to close more than 80 accounts due to these reasons.

I would like to officially call for your attention, understanding and responsibility. Please, be aware that after the end of the hot season ALL existing accounts (that were not screened during this hot season) will be reevaluated. Orders that will be screened will be chosen from the papers written between November-December. After the evaluation we will have to close the rest of the accounts the owners of which were violating our rules by plagiarising or producing sub-standard work.

I would like to urge you not to indulge in unethical behaviours. The owners of group accounts are expected to guarantee the quality of their work. Failure to meet this requirement will lead to suspension of your payments.

Hope for your understanding and attention,
QA department.
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