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Payment FAQs
« on: May 13, 2010, 10:33:36 AM »
- How to contact Payment Admin?

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly contact Payment Admin through your Financial Overview Page (Hint: there you will find the button New Message). Please, contact me regarding payment questions only. Any questions regarding disputes, customers, etc. will not be answered. Do not leave messages regarding payment issues on the Order Page and do not write any messages regarding your payment to  as they will not be answered. With all your financial questions regarding payment methods, unpaid or delayed salary, etc contact me directly through Financial Overview Page. It usually takes from several to 24 hours for me to answer.

- How payment is calculated and sent?
Works, which are successfully completed (means they are in the Completed orders list)  appear on your Financial Overview Page. You can retrace them and contact Payment Admin through your Financial Overview Page if any problems occur.  Payment period lasts 5 days(1-5 and 15-20 days of every month). During the payment period you press button “Request Payment". If you want to skip your payment report - do not press "Request Payment".
After you have pressed “Request Payment" button, the whole sum of your payment will appear in the next field “Requested Transactions". From that time we are able to see your request. All orders that appear in your report after you have pressed “Request Payment" button will go to“Unrequested Transactions".
After receiving a payment request from you, we proceed with your payment in 1-5 days.
After money is transferred, your transaction appears in the next field “Payment History". You will be able to see all your previous transaction in the field “Payment History".

- What payment methods can I use?

To receive any payments from the Company you may choose the following options:
-Paypal and MoneyBookers: you should provide the Company with your Paypal or Moneybookers account email address, or
-Prepaid Debit MasterCard, Powered by Payoneer: you should register at through your home page inside our system. After you will receive the card, you will be getting your funds directly to your card, or
-Wire transfer: this option is available for payouts starting at $500. If you have amount that is less than $500, please use other options.

- How can I change my payment method?
In order to change your payment method, please, contact payment admin through your Financial Overview Page.

- Are there any bonuses?
Yes. If you show high working performance, you can become an advanced writer. This status allows you to get orders immediately, company covers the transaction fees, you are the first in line to receive funds.
Also you can get additional +2% to monthly payment for 80 pages per month and +4% to monthly payment for 150 pages per month.
If you are an advanced writer, you receive additional +5% to monthly payment for 100 pages per month.
Bonuses are added at the end of every month.
Once attained advanced status writers are no longer the subjects to bonuses intended for non-advanced writers.

- Are there any fines?

Yes, writers are fined for plagiarism (- 25% per order), lateness (- 25 % per order), unreasonable retraction from order (30% - 100% orders fee), wrong style (- 10% per order) and poor grammar.
There are also Fines for Repeated Lateness and Repeated Plagiarism.
If you have more than three late orders during one month, you receive -10% fine to monthly payment.
If you have more than three plagiarized orders during the one month, you receive -$50 fine to monthly payment and -$100 fine if you plagiarize in the next month also.

- How fines are compensated (removed)?

All your fines, that shouldn't be applied will be compensated (not removed, as earlier). It means that payment admin will add compensating transactions for each fine. For example, you have fine for lateness at the rate -$25. If this fine should not be applied, compensating transaction at the rate +$25 will be added. So, before writing that some fines were calculated wrongly, kindly check, were they compensated or not.
Fines are compensated according to Support's instructions. Support Team does not compensate fines, they inform Payment Admin that some fine should not be calculated. That's why it takes several hours or more for Payment Admin to compensate them.
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