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Order assignment and related issues
« on: May 10, 2010, 11:31:14 AM »
What are the hot and low seasons?

We start receiving order requests with the start of the terms. By the end of terms, during holidays the amount of available orders goes down. Hot seasons basically fall on spring, summer and autumn terms. Rest of the time there is a recession in the amount of orders.

Orders are not assigned to me!!?

This question might be a bit outdated, but anyway: since the start of this enterprise and until early 2010 we had different order assignment system. Writers had to apply for orders and wait for approval to start working. Such assignment method turned out to be not effective and dismotivating. Recently, the system was changed. Writers can now take orders without approval if the orders' deadline and size meet definite requirements.

Why does it take more time for big orders go to completed?

Little orders are relatively urgent and approved by customers shortly.
Extensive essays are mainly long-term. It may take a while for the customers to go through them and make their mind whether anything should be corrected etc.

Order disappeared from my list!!?

- One of the possible reasons for this is likely that another writer took this paper at the same time. To be sure that your order is "your" just refresh your order page after several minutes.
- Another, most common reason: you might have been reassigned after customer's request, no reply from you or by mistake. In that case inform support immediately by phone, e-mail or leave a note at the order page.
Whenever the order has been reassigned you should be notified through notes available at your home page and/or the e-mail.

Is it because of my fault that support team does not assign any order to me?

Not in any case. When it comes to assignment, there is a competition. The order will be assigned to most credible or most "hungry" writer. This however should not be a problem with new order assignment system.

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