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About this Forum
« on: April 22, 2010, 10:59:30 AM »
The purpose of this forum is to provide comfortable and user-friendly platform for professional discussions and communication between the writers working at and

The forum is intended to:
-   encourage the writers to communicate and share working experience with each other;
-   serve as important tool in collecting and disseminating information concerning academic writing;
-   provide grounds for communication between the writers and the administration of and;
-   serve as the means of hearing writers complaints and reacting, in order to improve cooperation;
-   provide necessary information and theoretical basis required by writers;
-   finally, we just want to have this piece of online space to show you that you are not alone out there; that there are other people who ended up writing for Uvocorp and Academic.

Today, Uvocorp and Academicexperts is a reaaaaaaaly big community of people from different parts of the world that have similar interest in this work and enjoy writing in general. This forum will help you better understand the specific character and features of freelance writing and make it easier to express your opinions, as well as make it possible for you to take part in general Uvocorp / Academic decision making process.
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