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Forum rules
« on: April 22, 2010, 09:52:31 AM »
Welcome to the Gradelancer forum - official Uvocorp and Academicexperts forums. Please, feel free to post here! In order to keep our forum a friendly, community-oriented place, we kindly request you to follow some basic rules:

1. Post your questions, ideas and comments in the most appropriate sections. Threads which were posted in wrong sections may be removed or moved to other section by moderators: if you can't find your post in the section where you originally posted it, please take a look in the other sections.

2. Please, include only important information when you ask for help.

3. Keep all commentary civil and be polite at all times. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but offensive texts will not be tolerated. Personal insults towards anybody are strictly prohibited.

4. Impudent or offensive posts as well as any flooding or flame will not be tolerated. Offensive posts mean ones including racial, sexual, hateful, harassing or threatening language. Such topics and comments will be blocked or deleted.

5. Advertising is not allowed. Some commercial information directly related to Uvocorp and Academicexperts custom writings may be tolerated but please try not to abuse this indulgence.

6. Moderators are in charge to keep the forums up to topic. Failure to abide by our rules may result in editing, moving or deleting any posts. Please respect the decisions and judgments of administrators and staff, take any complaints or requests to Private Messages or e-mail. We will react as fast as possible to avoid deleting of any post unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Remember we will lock or move threads where find it inappropriate.

7. Registered forum users are not allowed to disclose any personal information (like e-mails, phone numbers, addresses etc.) about themselves or other forum users.
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