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Author Topic: How to navigate the forum  (Read 8211 times)


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How to navigate the forum
« on: August 04, 2010, 12:32:30 PM »
Several tips for those of our members that have little experience in using forums.

General info:
At this forum you are able to discuss anything. Work- and non-work-oriented posts and topics are all welcome.
Before starting a topic, please check the forum structure and look for most appropriate sections to post in.
Make sure your posts are topic-oriented. If a post is falling out of context of a current topic it may be moved by admin to another, more appropriate topic. A redirection link will be posted then.

Tracking latest posts:
All posts that you have not yet read are listed in "Show unread posts since last visit" section. You can find this thread under your forum name at the top of the page. "Show unread posts since last visit" section is accessible from every page of the forum.
In order to be up to date with the forum make sure to regularly read new posts. It won't take a lot of your time and will allow for rapidity in navigation.
If you are a new member I suggest you to go to "Show unread posts since last visit" page and check  "Mark ALL messages as read" function. This will allow you to skip having all the previous posts being listed in this section.

To new members:
Since our forum is already months-long feel free to follow my recommendation above. Take a moment to get accustomed to forum structure; look at all the topics and categories that you will find at your Home Page.
Finally, feel free to join our communication, you are welcome here:)
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